Avocado stuffed with Norway lobster

No, I swear to you I didn´t make up the name! Well, what the heck is a Norway lobster? In my county, Rogaland, we call it “rekekonge”, a shrimp king. But the rest of Norway calls it a “sjøkreps”, sea crayfish. In English it is called a “Norway lobster”, in French “Langoustine”… Whatever the name: They are delicious!!

Lets get to the food-part. I grew up on an island, and naturally enough there are quite a few fishermen there. So we have always had the luxury of fresh seafood. Shrimp and Norway lobsters we buy straight from the boats. Already cooked to perfection, in salty seawater. If you think that sounds weird, wait till you taste shrimp in Norway… Perfectly salted, tender and the word “chewy” never even crosses your mind. The weekend before last, I spent at my parents house, and my dad brought home some Norway lobsters. I immediately went to the store and bought avocados, sour creme, red chillies and lemon. And picked some parsley from my mom´s garden.

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