My name is Karen Vorraa, I am thirty-something years old and Norwegian. My beautiful son, Noah, was born in 2009. My days were already crazy busy, even when I was still on maternity leave… But somehow, my sister Maria still managed to plant a seed in my mind. She suggested I write a food blog. I thought I had totally dismissed the idea (due to my crazy busy days), but apparently I had not!


I love to cook, I love to eat at great restaurants and I steal menus… Yes, you heard me correctly – I steal menus. If they are nice, expensive, leather-bound menus I try to just get the pages out, so I would say I am a nice menu-thief.

My goal is to post something at least once a week; my own recipes, recipes I am currently testing out, recipes I find inspiring, maybe even some scary recipes, good restaurant meals, and perhaps something from my menu collection… we´ll see how it goes.

A few words on my “cooking style”… I am not an accurate cook (nor an educated cook), I am a little more “a pinch of this and a dollop of that”. I am a firm believer in tasting the food while you cook, and add seasoning according to your own palate. I am not true to one particular kitchen, but I guess a lot of my dishes come from either the Italian, French, Spanish, Asian, American, Mexican or Norwegian/Scandinavian kitchen. Or a mix of these. I would like to also venture a little more into the Moroccan/North African kitchen. In this blog I will cook everything from appetizers/finger food to dinners, dessert, cakes and breads. Some very quick and easy (“plastic forks”), others a bit more complex (“silver spoons”).

Thanks for visiting me!

Karen 🙂