A picnic focaccia sandwich

Although I love to grill and “do it big” during the summer season, every now and then a nice sandwich is just right (especially when the kitchen is a construction zone). Salty, moist focaccia, the creamy, cheesy eggs, the smooth garlic kick from the aioli, the Danish salami – packed up nicely and ready to go! Fingerlickin´good…

Either buy or bake your own focaccia. The local bakeries here in Stavanger have some really nice ones. If you want to bake your own, this is a great recipe.

I don´t know about you, but I like my eggs both creamy and cheesy. When I scramble 3 eggs, I normally pour in a splash (maybe half a deciliter?) of cream or milk, whisk them, add a pinch of salt and throw it into a pan sizzling with real butter. Yup. I make sure not to overcook the eggs, and while the eggs are still a bit runny I sprinkle over some cheese. And let it melt. So simple and so good.

Slice the focaccia in the middle and generously spread aioli on both the top and the bottom. Add a slice of Danish salami (or something like that) and pile the eggs on top, before holding it all in place with the focaccia top.

Now, just fill your thermos with coffee, pack it up and find a lovely place to enjoy it!

How about some cinnamon rolls for dessert?

A wonderful summer to you all!

Love, Karen


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