Beurre blanc

Sauces with french names… a bit intimidating, huh? But not to worry! I have made a discovery… The sauces (at least the ones I have attempted so far) are seriously not that difficult, I mean you´ve got to stir. But then again, you have to do that even with a powder based sauce, don´t you?

Ingredients are important however (isn´t it always so?):

  • 4-5 shallots
  • 1 dl Noilly Prat
  • 2 dl white wine
  • 150 g butter (cubed and cold)
  • (a pinch of saffron)
  • 4-5 sjalottløk
  • 1 dl Noilly Prat
  • 2 dl hvitvin
  • 150 g smør
  • (en klype safran)

Peel and finely chop the shallots. Add it to a pot with the Noilly Prat and the white wine and let it simmer until you have about a 1/4 of the liquid left. Strain it. This you can prepare in advance. Now cube the cold butter and whisk one and one cube into the sauce until it has thickened. Make sure to let each cube melt before adding another. The temperature should not be too high, just enough heat so that the butter melts in a reasonable time. Take the sauce off the heat after the last cube has been added. According to wikipedia, the sauce should be quite liquid, light and airy, yet thick enough to “cling” to the food. I think that describes it quite well.

If necessary, season with salt and pepper. If you use salted butter you might not need that much salt in addition.

A lot of recipes for beurre blanc has white wine and vinegar in it. This one is with white wine and Noilly Prat (a vermouth). I haven´t tried that many different recipes myself, but I can definitely recommend the Noilly Prat version!

Beurre blanc is amazing company to fish and shellfish dishes. And I must say; adding a pinch of saffron is a mighty fine touch… Below you see Turbot fish  oven baked in pastry (innbakt piggvar) with saffron beurre blanc. Delectable! (Recipe soon to be posted on the blog!) Or how about some seared scallops sitting in a little pool of this precious, buttery liquid?

“Fish must swim three times: once in the water, a second time in the sauce, and a third time in wine in the stomach.” – french proverb.

Karen 🙂


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