Ovenbaked turbot fish in saffron beurre blanc

Slice your knife through the flaky, delicate puff pastry to get to the delicious, elegant treasure hidden within. Once your fork is loaded, give it a good, long dip in the buttery, light sauce and I promise instant happiness! No kidding!

A few days ago I unplugged my stove (in the middle of redoing my kitchen). I am hoping it won´t be too long until it/I am up and running again… Thanks Astrid, for giving me inspiration and inviting me to cook with you! 🙂

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Beurre blanc

Sauces with french names… a bit intimidating, huh? But not to worry! I have made a discovery… The sauces (at least the ones I have attempted so far) are seriously not that difficult, I mean you´ve got to stir. But then again, you have to do that even with a powder based sauce, don´t you?

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