F(G)ood fun in Singapore and Bali

I didn´t stay long in Singapore, just long enough to find out exactly how much Singaporeans love food! A people to my liking 🙂 Another thing I like is the way they eat their food.

I mean, food just keep coming to the table. Everyone shares and get to taste everything. And a meal lasts forever. Love it!

Check out the lovely foie gras on that flaky, crispy pastry…

And the sushi… Oh, the sushi…

One of the evenings we went out for chili crab (and a lot of other stuff!) at Red House. Forgive the horrid mobile photos, I managed to forget my camera that evening. This first picture is even worse, but mostly because the table was spinning! Actually spinning – kind of like playing “spin the chili crab”. Ha! Fun 🙂

And look at this weird thing, a bamboo clam! With garlic, nonetheless.

Over to something totally different; ravioli with chevre, truffles and black olive dust at LeVeL 33. And watercress, I believe. Watercress is so under-used! At least in Norway, I don´t see it very often. But it is a refreshing alternative to arugula/rocket salad.

Another night, a bit more low key, me and a friend found a nice little Thai restaurant. I must say Tom Yam soup must be one of my all time favorite soups. I love the slightly sweet, tangy and hot heat!

One thing one shouldn´t miss is a big Dim Sum lunch! Unfortunately that was another “camera-free” day :S

The best restaurant experience of the entire trip was Sarong at Bali. Check out these magical scallops and “the best squid I have ever tasted”:

Lamb in green curry:

The coctails at Sarong were really good as well. If you ever find your self here, try the Mango Mojito!

Seafood platter and a spring roll:

And a super volcano, amazing fruit (my new favorite fruit must be the mangosteen!) and a Luwak coffee plantation…

Our guide, Nyoman, was a find! Totally awesome 🙂 I asked him to stop by one of the fruit stands, he went out and came back with a bag full of goodies!

Rounding off with a drink or two (or three) at Potato Head or KuDeTa?


Aaah… what a trip! I want to go back! 🙂

Xoxo, Karen


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