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Feasting on Easter favorites

In Easter, My favorites on April 1, 2012 at 22:57

Leaving rainy clouds behind, we have arrived at our cabin high up in the Norwegian mountains. Bye bye city, hello spectacular view of snow-clad mountains. Blue skies. Hares still in their white winter suit hopping across the terrasse. Good company and last, but not least: good dinners, good wine and beautiful chocolate. Pure poetry. And if any of you are worried; no, I did not cook the Easter bunny (not yet anyway).

We have always spent the Easter holiday in the mountains, and for many years I took charge of the Easter menu. I am talking 9-10 days of well planned dinners, sometimes with appetizers and desserts. Then I had a baby. Yeah. I am hoping to step up my game again soon… In the meanwhile I have gathered all the recipes in a folder, ready for reproductions at any time. I don´t have any master plans for the next few days, but we´ll see what the future brings.

I have gone through my recipes here on the blog, and here are a few of my Easter favorites. Click on the images for link to the recipes.

Eggs are a must during Easter. Hard boiled, scrambled, sunny-side up… For breakfast we boil our eggs with skin from an onion – the eggs turn beautifully yellow. Or how about poached or deviled?

A delicious pre-dinner snack; potato flat bread with gravlax, sour cream and red onion.

Pies are easy to make and taste just as good cold, which makes them a surprisingly good addition to the lunch box to devour out in fresh air.

An Easter must; roasted leg of lamb.

Another hearty favorite; Boeuf Bourguignon à la Julia Child. I love this dish!

Or how about a quick and easy pizza with red pesto, chorizo and serrano?

As for desserts; brownies and panna cotta are always a big hit!

Happy tasty Easter everyone!

Karen ❤

  1. I love these photos! thanks for sharing and giving me some easter cooking inspiration. We’ve been getting really exited about easter too. You might like our special easter hot cross bun post including a recipe!

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