Espresso martini(s)

After travelling to Singapore and Bali for about a week and a half I have a ton of food pictures (and a nice catch of menus). And pictures of the food will follow, but let me just give you an appetizer (or should I say aperitif?): the coctail of all coctails – The Espresso Martini.

The drink in the picture was made at the beach bar Ku De Ta in Bali.

It is quite easy to make, it is refreshing and a bit of a “pick-me-upper”. Good coffee is key, however. This is what you need to make it (this is better than I´ve gotten at any bar yet…):

  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part espresso (hot and fresh, either from an espresso machine, room service or a moccha-pot)
  • (a bit less than) 1 part kahlua
  • plenty of ice cubes
  • shaker
  • a coffee bean or two for decoration if you feel fancy


  • 1 del vodka
  • 1 del espresso (rykende fersk, enten fra en espressomaskin, rom service eller en mokka-kanne)
  • (litt mindre enn) 1 del kahlua
  • rikelig med isbiter
  • shaker
  • en kaffebønne eller to til dekorasjon om du føler deg fancy

Throw it all in the mixer and give it a good shake. Here is the view from one of the espresso martinis on the trip: from LeVeL 33 in Singapore looking over at Marina Bay Sands.

Another one was made and enjoyed in the pool at a Bali resort. I am one happy camper, can you tell? 🙂

Now, you know what to test out this weekend. The espresso martini is to die for, even if it is not served from a pool! 😉

I promise a food recap in a few days. There was so much good food, I will be hard pressed to remember it all – but I will do my very best.

Karen 🙂


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