Red pesto and chorizo pizza – a slightly twisted classic

Pizza just never goes out of style. A never-ending spectrum of unique combinations, yet it will always be what it is – pizza. Refreshing, yet comforting. What a magical invention!

Lately I have tended to make pizzas with better quality ingredients but that are quicker and easier to make (lets not delve into reasons why). Typically toppings that don´t need any preparation, like this one; red pesto, cured ham and chorizo. Packed full of flavors!

For the dough I use this recipe. Now, I have enough insight to know that I am far from an award making pizza dough baker – too impatient! Which is kind of strange, as I consider myself a relatively patient person. But I have goals and ambitions and hopefully one day I will find patience and inner strength to let the dough rise as much as it needs. One day.

Well, anyway. Here it is, in all it´s beauty. Before it was done rising (I think it got about 20 minutes this time) I tossed some oil in the pan, pushed up my sleeves, used my hands and forced the dough to fit the pan. Hopefully you are a better person and pizza dough baker than I am. Luckily it still tasted good – much is forgiven then 🙂

Spread some red pesto over the dough.

Add your favorite cheese, or a mix of cheeses. I used a mix of Cheddar, Jarlsberg and Mozzarella.

Cover generously with cured ham (Serrano, Parma or any Norwegian cured ham) and spizy chorizo. I like to add this type of topping on top of the cheese, it gets nice and crispy that way.

See? Nice and slightly crispy 😀 This is the result after about 10 minutes in 250 degrees Celsius / 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Newer ovens often have a pizza function, in my experience they work quite well. It can´t compete with a real pizza oven, I am sure, but it will still deliver!

Staple sides served with pizza in my house is arugula/rocket salad and a garlic dressing. Finely chop a clove of garlic and mix with a small tub of creme fraiche (or sour creme).


Eat carbs and be happy 🙂



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