Snow and sushi

The “crossing” from 2011 to 2012 was of course not done without a proper feast. A sushi workshop / feast among good friends to be exact. It was so delish that when 12 o´clock rolled around, we glanced at each other, raised our glasses, then continued eating!

The new year has started off, not surprisingly, with many things going on. Busy, yet relaxing at the same time. Keywords; family, cabin in the mountains, friends and food. And one other thing that frankly is occupying most of my creative powers at the moment. I am planning to remodel my kitchen! I know it´s going to be awful once I get started, but I am just itching to jump into it. I am a bit worried about cooking activities during that time; my guess is either that my blog will be about take-out and microwave dinners or about the kitchen project… Hopefully I´ll be able to crash someone else´s kitchen every now and then. Hehe.

Anyway, let me show you some pictures of sushi and snow.

I truly acknowledge that proper sushi-making is an artform, which it takes 7 years of education/training to master. Appearantly the entire first year is dedicated to making the rice. One doesn´t even get to cut the fish until the last years. But, amateurs (like myself!) can still make tasty sushi. For the rice; we followed the instructions on the package (the rice is called sushi rice). Other than that you get a long way with good fish (salmon, scallops, tuna…), wasabi, soy sauce, sesame seeds, chili, spring onions, nori (the black, dried seaweed), rice vinegar, avocado, mango, cucumbers… And whatever else you like!

Here you see the start of an inside out roll. After spreading the rice on the nori (quite thinly), flip it, fill it and roll it! And guess what   – I find inspiration for combinations in the sushi menus that have come into my possession….

Aren´t these pretty? Mango with japanes mayo on top, chili and scallops on the inside. Salmon, seaweed salad and avocado…

Nigiri is quite easy to make. A small finger-shaped blob of rice, a dot of wasabi and the fish on top. So so good!

And don´t forget sashimi. The ponzu sauce goes great with all sashimi, if you ask me! I just love it.

I really, really love sushi. Can you tell? 😀 We made quite a lot of food that night. When we all admitted we were full, we had just about made a small dent. Yet, somehow, we still managed to finish off most of it! I am proud 🙂

The start of the new year has been totally rainy and wet on the Norwegian coast. Luckily the mountains can offer some real, breathtakingly beautiful winter!

Stunning, isn´t it?!

I wish you all a wonderful, tasty, interesting, rewarding and beautiful 2012.

Love, Karen


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