Corn-flake crispy chicken nuggets

A good friend of mine gave me this recipe, and I totally love it! This is the type of thing that everyone (and their mother and their children etc) will love… just vary the dip and you have a snack for everyone.

Now just don´t be alarmed when I tell you to roll your raw chicken bits into corn flakes, just trust me aight?

Set out three bowls. Fill one with flour, and add a couple of generous pinches of salt and pepper. In another bowl crack a couple of eggs and beat them. The third bowl you fill with corn flakes, using your hand to crush them a bit.

Depending on how much chicken you are making you might need to refill your bowls. Cut the chicken breasts in relatively small bite size pieces. If you look closely in the bowl with the corn flakes, you can see my reflection. Fancy Ikea bowls!

Heat enough vegetable oil in a pot to cover the nuggets when you put them in (if you have a deep frier you should of course use that. I mean, that´s what it´s for.) I started out with the stove on full blast, but ended up turning it down a notch. This way the nuggets were done on the inside, without being cremated on the outside.

Warning: if you don´t like to get your fingers sticky, you could wear some gloves. I didn´t, yet I survived. Miraculously (I rinsed my hands after every nugget).

Okay, here´s a three-step instruction: Take one nugget (gloved or not), roll it in the flour, then dip in the eggs, the roll in the corn flakes. Here´s one cute lil nugget ready for some hot oil treatment:

Fry about 5-6 at the same time, not much more than that. If you throw in too many at a time the temperature of the oil will decrease. Fry them until they are starting to brown, but before they burn. Just test your first couple of batches to make sure they are cooked all the way. Have a big plate ready, covered with paper towels. Once the nuggets are done, scoop them out and lay them out on the paper.

Serve them hot off the stove with something to dip them in. My favorite: hot, sweet chili sauce (and lots of it). My sons favorite: ketchup (and lots of it). He just gets so happy when he gets a bowl of something he can dip his food into! Or if he can sprinkle parmesan over his food… just the happiest kid ever. Whatever makes them eat, right?

My mouth is literally watering right now – they´re just so crispy and juicy and tender, these nuggets!

(Of course the nuggets are best fresh, but should you find that you got carried away and made to many, you can always put them in the fridge and microwave them later. Tried and tested (and eaten)! Shame on me.)

Now, get to roll, dip, roll, fry, dip and eat!

Xoxo, Karen





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