From the north of America to the south of Spain

I feel like the start of the fall has been spent on the road. From lovely, busy days in New York City (with time for good food, of course) to lazy, sunny days in the south of Spain. While in transit I have been sampling everything from lovely Nouveau American cuisine in the West Village to equisite sushi, Asian/French fusion in the Meatpacking district, tasty tapas in Malaga, traditional Spanish Paella and the freshest of fish in Pedregalejo. Not to mention all the magnificent grilling on the roof terrace in the little lazy town Almayate.

I bought a new camera (yay! but unfortunately toward the end of my stay) in New York, so instead of pics of the food, I scored some menus… :D. The food in Spain is well documented though 🙂

I can warmly recommend the pecan duck with celery and organic dirty rice at The Dutch (and the dirty martinis as well, even though this place doesn´t have any vodka. How weird is that?). Oh, and the menu lying on top there – can ya see it has a hard wood back? It took some serious labor to stuff that into my purse! Good thing I normally carry big purses. The Stanton Social, like The Dutch were both Nouveau American and had quite exciting menus. The Stanton Social served everything family style, so I think we basically ordered the entire menu. And just about all of it was great! I specifically remember the potato & goat cheese pierogies… yum! Oh, and the duck confit pizzettas… good stuff! We also ate at the Spice Market, even though I know that´s not the hottest of scenes any longer. But I just love the salt & pepper skate, the red curried duck and the vietnamese spring rolls there!

After shopping for vintage treasures in the East Village (and a dreaded, mandatory stop at the Disney store at Times Sq.) I headed up to the upper West Side for a little peace and quiet. And for a perfect marble cake and cappuccino; enjoyed on the stairs of a brownstone in a quiet sidestreet.

Oh, how I miss New York – already! Only one way to recover – sunny Spanish beaches…

And all that good tapas… jamon iberico, queso, berenjenas fritas… m-m-m!

The produce and ingredients are so fresh. We stopped by the big market in Malaga and the displays there were just breathtaking! I ventured into an attempt at making paella, which actually turned out pretty good. Luckily aided by my friend who went to the fish store and asked for “whatever´s needed for paella”! This little fish we were told to cook stock on, whole, just like that. That´s just awesome 🙂

And very importantly; saffron and cayenne.

Now, do note that that paella in the picture is from one of the restaurants we went to – it is not the one I made. Mine just didn´t look nearly as pretty, as I was messing around with two pots and stuff! And look at this other stuff, if your mouth isn´t watering yet, I believe you need to see a doctor.

Gambas pil-pil (shrimp in oil, garlic and chilli) and octopus with a great dip! And here´s my favorite; a little sardine-series. The sardines were actually grilled here, over that fire in that boat on the beach. Cool, huh?

Yeah. I killed those sardines. They were just perfectly grilled, deliciously salty and crispy (you just have to eat the skin!). And with a good squeeze of the lemon… ah! Heaven on earth. If you think I´m weird I also love this, hopefully that normalizes things a bit…:

Ready for the grill! And not to mention dessert… an icecream a day, keeps the doctor away! (I think the saying goes…)

All I can say is LML, and hope to be back soon…

Hasta la vista, Karen ♥


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