A Brie & Company sandwich

It is Saturday and the cafés are packed and filled to the rim with stressed shoppers, families, whiny kids and strollers are blocking all escape routes. It is impossible to get a table, so you have to drink your coffee standing up and being constantly pushed around. If this sounds familiar, let me give you some advice…

Bring the café home instead!

Go to a delicacy store (like Ostehuset in Stavanger) and buy some freshly baked walnut bread (or other good bread), real butter, some nice French brie, marinated walnuts and apricots. A little jar of acacia honey. (These flavors – together – will blow you away!)

Then swing by a little specialty tee and coffee shop and buy a different coffee than you normally drink, freshly ground.

The bread in itself is so good, that just dipping it in some aioli would suffice.

But let´s step it up to a full café sandwich. Spread some good butter on a slice of bread. Pile some greenery (like rocket/arugula lettuce) on it. Then a few generous slices of brie, and sprinkle over a little handful of chopped marinated walnuts and apricots. Drizzle over a little of the acacia honey.

Pour yourself a cup of steamin´hot coffee, light a candle, turn on a little background music and enjoy your peaceful home-café and your tasty Brie & Company sandwich!

Have a lovely Saturday!

♥ Karen


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