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A Brie & Company sandwich

In Brie, Lunch, Nuts, Sandwiches, Small dishes on September 10, 2011 at 13:26

It is Saturday and the cafés are packed and filled to the rim with stressed shoppers, families, whiny kids and strollers are blocking all escape routes. It is impossible to get a table, so you have to drink your coffee standing up and being constantly pushed around. If this sounds familiar, let me give you some advice…

Bring the café home instead!

Go to a delicacy store (like Ostehuset in Stavanger) and buy some freshly baked walnut bread (or other good bread), real butter, some nice French brie, marinated walnuts and apricots. A little jar of acacia honey. (These flavors – together – will blow you away!)

Then swing by a little specialty tee and coffee shop and buy a different coffee than you normally drink, freshly ground.

The bread in itself is so good, that just dipping it in some aioli would suffice.

But let´s step it up to a full café sandwich. Spread some good butter on a slice of bread. Pile some greenery (like rocket/arugula lettuce) on it. Then a few generous slices of brie, and sprinkle over a little handful of chopped marinated walnuts and apricots. Drizzle over a little of the acacia honey.

Pour yourself a cup of steamin´hot coffee, light a candle, turn on a little background music and enjoy your peaceful home-café and your tasty Brie & Company sandwich!

Have a lovely Saturday!

♥ Karen


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