Homemade lasagna is, I would say, the most repeated dish in this household. For a long time there was Lasagna-Thursdays, but I kinda fell out of the habit. Time to rekindle!! Oh-la-la-la-la-la-Lasagna!

I am not the kind of person that puts carrots and a lot of other veggies in my lasagna, I kinda like it simpler. But believe me, this one doesn´t in any way lack flavor!

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Queen Maud´s dessert (Dronning Maud pudding)

This incredibly fluffy, creamy, yet rich dessert was made for Queen Maud of Norway in 1906 by a chef in Haugesund as she and King Haakon were visiting the country after the crowning. This dessert was therefore fittingly named Dronning Maud pudding, or Queen Maud´s pudding/dessert, and has become very popular. It can be found at just about every dessert table in the region Haugalandet on most days worth celebrating. And as Norway´s national day, 17th of May, is fast approaching I figured I´d share this magnificent local specialty with you!

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2 x success cake (suksesskake)

This lovely, yellow half cake / half confectionery (with no food colorings) is actually called “suksesskake” in Norwegian. I don´t know that this cake has a name in English, Google sure didn´t provide me with any – so let´s just do a quick and dirty translation and call it a success cake. Agreed?

This recipe yields two cakes, and it is perfect for freezing. Pure genious, I tell ya!

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Roasted leg of lamb (helstekt lammelår)

I promised you lamb for Easter and here it is, just a little bit after Easter! Can I deliver, or what?

Easter and lamb go together like fish and chips, peanut butter and jelly, Sonny and Cher… You get the point. I would claim that Norway has the best lamb in the world. All summer long they graze either up in the mountains or along the coast. This gives the meat a fantastic flavor! So let´s do it justice 🙂

This recipe is a classic Norwegian dish; a slowly roasted leg of lamb served with creamed and gratinated potatoes and vegetables. And a lovely red vintage Rioja – never wrong.

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