Fish for the mini

Now I am not going to make this sound easier than it really is – feeding the minis that is! I am lucky (or maybe it is because all the weird stuff I ate when I was pregnant). My son Noah eats just about anything I put in front of him, at least dinner. Fish is a definite favorite! And it doesn´t hurt when the fish patties are shaped like fish, crabs and starfish!

Now, I actually found these patties already made at the store. Yup, sure did (no judgment please). But I did however cook the fettucine pasta, chopped up some smoked salmon, combined it with some cream and tossed the pasta with the sauce. And I added capers. And I heated the patties. Housewife of the year-worthy if you ask me! 😉

But seriously; it doesn´t always have to be harder than this! The best thing – it was well received by the mini.

Karen ♥


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