Sublime sushi and tantalizing Thai in Copenhagen

I just got home from a wonderful weekend in Copenhagen, and needless to say: food was not forgotten and the eatings waz go-od! I want to share two of the meals with you: sublime sushi at Sticks´n´Sushi and a technical show-off meal (what a surreal and amazing experience!) at a Michelin-starred Thai restaurant; Kiin Kiin.

Of all the food I love, sushi must be what I love the most. I have eaten my fair share of excellent sushi in the US (my mind takes me back to Sushi-Tuesdays in college…ah, what wonderful times!), however living in a not-so-big city in Norway – sushi restaurants are close to non-existing. Luckily, Copenhagen put the star(fish) back into my eyes! Being a “happenin´ place”, of course the lighting was less than optimal for photographing, but I advise you to check out their homepage and menu for amazing pictures and inspiration! (Yes, of course I stole the menu).

I wanted to order the entire menu. Unfortunately neither my stomach nor my wallet was big enough for that! But from what I tasted… Hells Kitchen Roll… yup. Shake Aioli Roll… yup. New Tatami Roll… mhm. Sparkling Tuna Roll… for sure. Hamachi Carpaccio… hell yes. The lovely waitress could have served me anything from the menu, and I am sure it would have been excellent! Accompanied by some smashing edamame, Sake and Sapporo – it just doesn´t get much better.

If you are in Copenhagen – please go eat here!

Ok… now on to Kiin Kiin. Can words even describe the food we were served here? Not my words, that´s for sure… But what I will say is that the technical level was outstanding, the balance between chili, sweetness, flavors, textures: perfection! Let me just list the menu here for you:

Soy marengue – Fishcakes with snake beans – Wonton miangkam – Scallops and lemongrass – Prawn tapioca and chili –  Lotusroots lime leaves – Tom Yam – Lumpfish roe dim sum – Salad with orchids and spicy marinade – Poached egg with holy basil and chili – Tom Ka with white asparagus – Duck with red curry and smoke – Passion fruit and kumquats – Sankaya with tapioca – Ginger and pineapple

Unreal. I am intimidated. Hehe. Take a look, I took pictures of most of the stuff.

Oh, what fun! How can one not love the art of food??

My favorite must have been the frozen green curry. Under that “lid” of frozen green curry sheet I found mushrooms, asparagus foam and green curry sauce (I think… we were a little into the wine by this time). Served with green and white asparagus and koriander (cilantro). All cold of course. It doesn´t really sound like a perfect dish – but oh my GOD! Proved my scepticism wrong! Way wrong! What is it Joey of Friends say? “What´s not to like? Curry? Good. Mushrooms? Good. Asparagus? Good. Frozen curry? (surprisingly) Good.”

Copenhagen: I´ll be back!
xoxo, Karen


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