Fish for the mini

Now I am not going to make this sound easier than it really is – feeding the minis that is! I am lucky (or maybe it is because all the weird stuff I ate when I was pregnant). My son Noah eats just about anything I put in front of him, at least dinner. Fish is a definite favorite! And it doesn´t hurt when the fish patties are shaped like fish, crabs and starfish!

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Sublime sushi and tantalizing Thai in Copenhagen

I just got home from a wonderful weekend in Copenhagen, and needless to say: food was not forgotten and the eatings waz go-od! I want to share two of the meals with you: sublime sushi at Sticks´n´Sushi and a technical show-off meal (what a surreal and amazing experience!) at a Michelin-starred Thai restaurant; Kiin Kiin.

Fenabog – traditional Norwegian lamb

Last Sunday I peeled potatoes. Ain´t that something? I felt beyond housewifey. But it was the right thing to do for this very traditional Norwegian meal. Actually it is a Christmas dinner, but I wanted to eat it in March. Hence the angel napkins.

Fenabog, and the more common Christmas dish; pinnekjøtt, is cured and salted lamb. The only difference is that they are different parts of the lamb. Pinnekjøtt is lamb ribs, while fenabog is the shoulder of the lamb. Traditionally the meat was cured and salted as preservation methods. Nowadays it is done for the flavor.

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