Baileys bonbons and other goodies

It is January 2nd and time for new year resolutions, less chocolate – more vegetables. But not quite yet.

I made these lovely chocolates, various bonbons, and just have to share them with you!

These Baileys bonbons are amazing! Definitely my favorite. Simply knead some marsipan and mix in as much Baileys as you possibly can. Roll them up to marble size balls. Melt some dark chocolate slowly in a bain-marie. Meaning: boil some water in a pot. Put the chocolate in a bowl that can take the heat, and place the bowl over the boiling water. The bowl should be sitting in the water, but don´t let the water splash into the bowl. In Norwegian: vannbad. Water bath; so much simpler and less pretensious, don´t you think?

Anyway, put one marsipan marble at the time in the melted chocolate. Make sure it is coated all the way and lift it out using two forks. Let it run off a little before placing the bonbon on a baking sheet.

For the apricot bonbons, start by finely chopping some dried apricots. Roll a pinch of the chopped apricots into a marsipan marble. Dip in the chocolate, place on a baking sheet and sprinkle over a little apricots.

I also dipped some salted nuts in milk chocolate. I used a nice mix of almonds, cashews, macadamia and peanuts. It is amazing how good the salt and the chocolate goes together! I recommend!

These chocolates are lovely gifts, especially if you make beautiful little boxes to put them in. A truly special gift for a truly special friend!

I found the pattern for the boxes here. Here you can find links to downloads. My dear husbands is a graphic designer, so lucky me got custom made boxes. 🙂

Oh, and I am totally in love with my sister´s new camera, a Canon EOS 60D! And very jealous! I took the pictures above with no daylight, no flash – just regular kitchen lighting. LOVE!

Happy New Year – Karen


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