X-mas has officially entered the building!

Ok, I know it is a bit early compared to Norwegian standards, but what can I say? Spending 7 years in America is bound to have some impact on a lady. Thanksgiving is one of the things that stuck, celebrating Christmas for the better parts of December is another one (in addition I bought some lovely ornaments on sale in January that I´ve been dying to bring out of the box!). And the lights and the smell of the Christmas tree has a certain calming effect on me amidst the December hustle and bustle of gift shopping and Christmas parties!

Here comes a little tip on a lovely yet quick and cheap Christmas decoration.

The shopping list:

  • White hyacinths (hvite svibler)
  • Enough moss to wrap around the individual bulbs (moist and alive)
  • Thin silver wire to wrap around the moss

First take the hyacinths out of the container, tear off enough moss so that you can cover most of the bulb and finish by wrapping the silver wire around it. Be generous and criss-cross the wire all around it.

Place in some nice containers or just on a plate and display! This is something my mom has done for as long as I can remember, so for me this is a sure sign that Christmas is just around the corner.

And once they start blooming, they smell amazing! Make sure to wet the moss a little every now and then, and these will keep until they are done blooming. These make great gifts!

By the way, I must share with you where I am sitting and writing right now. It is a Sunday morning and I am on a boat, crossing the Bokna fjord enjoying a spectacular view of small islands with a backdrop of snow-clad mountains. Breath-taking! I just had to take some pictures (even though they don´t do the scenery justice).


Oh, and here´s a little peak at our Christmas tree.

I can hardly wait 🙂



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