Winter from Siberia

It has gotten really cold here the last week; well below freezing. Every man, woman and child is bundling up, hiding their chins deep into their scarfs. As luck would have it, just before the cold front hit the west coast I was out on my terrace eyeing my parsley and my chives.

They were still lusciously green so I decided to save some for later. I chopped them up, and put them in a couple of nice jars, and now they are sitting safe and sound in my freezer. Perfect for those days when your indoor herbs have all decided to die at the same time, and you just can´t be bothered going to the store.


Not quite fresh, but better than dried! The chives are great in scrambled eggs and omelets…

❤ Karen


2 thoughts on “Winter from Siberia

  1. I am actually on the Norwegian west coast 😀 But my husband is originally from Florida, so we spend some time there every year.

    About the herbs… I can’t take all the credit. My mom planted them for me and it rains a lot here in Norway 😉

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