Cleaning out my closet

Or my bookshelf, rather! Ok, so I know this isn´t edible… but just decided I wanted to share with you my very exciting Saturday night…

Ok, here´s the before:

I am (obviously) a reader. I devour books. And this bookshelf started out a little less crowded than this, and it was color coordinated. You can kind of still see which shelf holds which hue. And you know how you kind of just turn blind to certain things? Well appearently I have been blind for way too long.

Look how much better it got. The after:

We have been sort of collecting random little vintage pieces, and I love how much better they get showcased in the “new” book shelf! My favorite pieces are the Parker Brothers Inc Dominoes and the Peep Shows – all from the 1960s. My heart is also a bit soft for the music boxes that play “La vie en rose” and “Free as the wind”, my husband got me those a little while ago.

Our photo books also seem more accessible now, as does my all-time favorite books.

Oh, and the Tivoli radio of course; that is hooked up to an Airport so that we can play music from all our computers – cordlessly! Love love love it.

I stayed up until 1 am Saturday morning doing this. Sad? Who, me? Well, what else is one to do?

XOXO, Karen


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