Köberl ca. 1960s

It is not often I have time to go hunting for vintage treasures, but here the other day my baby Noah was a little sick. At naptime I put him in his stroller and went out to wander the streets of Stavanger.

I walked past the local Salvation Army shop and thought; what the heck. Let me just peek inside and see what they´ve got…

I found this beautiful, ca. 1960s Köberl kitchen scale. In creme enamel, like all my other favorite kitchen appliances… And guess what? I didn´t even have a kitchen scale before! How can I even call myself a food blogger if I don´t own a scale?

Look how beatiful it is. It was destiny, creamy Köberl is now majestically sitting on my counter, adding balance to my kitchen.

I think it looks a lot like the old, Swedish Pernille scales that I am sure many of the Norwegian kitchens once held. Does any of you remember these scales?

I think it even works. 😀



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