Sh*t happens

For those of you (if any!) that are under the impression that my life is all smooth sailin´and that Karen has full control, here is hard, cold proof (or very hot proof in this particular case) that this is far from the truth!

I found this great recipe for a chocolate cobbler a few weeks ago, and have just been waiting for the right time to take it for a test run… 

Now it seems any time would be a potentially right time to make anything consisting (just about) solely of chocolate, but after I told myself I am only allowed to eat cakes and sweets on weekends, it has been surprisingly difficult! But FINALLY, the day and opportunity was there! I got my mixing bowls, cocoa and flour and stuff out, followed the recipe, put the cobbler in the oven and set the timer. I sat down in my favorite chair with a good book and took to waiting…

The timer rang in my kitchen, I went to look at it and decided it could need a couple of more minutes. So, back to the book. A little while later (ok, a long while later) I started smelling something. I catapulted out of my chair, ran into the kitchen, skidded to a stop in front of my stove and threw the oven door open.

Yikes! My chocolate cobbler sadly did not at all look anything like Miss Amy´s chocolate cobbler! And as I had been anticipating an out of this world chocolate experience on my “sweets allowed night”, I didn´t have much other tempting stuff in my fridge. In pure desperation, I managed to salvage about a spoonful…

The cakey part was a little dry, but the ooey-gooey part…. ah! Let me just say: I am giving this chocolate cobbler a second (and third and fourth and fifth…) chance.

Stay tuned for the next attempt!


4 thoughts on “Sh*t happens

  1. Hallo Karen! Eg må sei det e litt rart å lesa bloggen din, for det va nesten som eg sko ha lagt an sjøl!!! Eg må innrømma at det va filmen julie & julia som inspirerte meg te å nesten begynna å blogga om mine eventyr/mareritt på kjøkkenet, men i motsetning te deg,kom eg aldri i gang…….Kanskje det ikkje e for seint, eg kjenne jaffal at du inspirere meg !! Å bara sånn for å hørras ut som ein skikkelige hermetut, sto eg faktisk og tømte ut ei vissen/brent sjokoladekaka her igår, 5 min før svigers kom på besøk……..Shit definitely happens 🙂

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