Crème brulee

Crème brulee must be my favorite dessert of all time! I love the subtle taste, the incredibly creamy texture, everything about it. I just call it edible silk. And here is my favorite recipe.

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3 fab courses for 30 fab years

Turning 30 is not for the fainthearted. So when it was my husbands turn, I wanted to treat him right! I cooked him a fabulous 3 course dinner, one for each decade. He so deserved it.

The fancy, schmancy menu:

Great scallops served in the shell in a garlic and thyme butter sauce
2008 Domaine de Vauroux Chablis

Venison with Jerusalem artichoke cream, black truffle sauce and chanterelles
2003 Cordero di Montezemolo Barolo Monfalletto

Creme Brulee
2006 Royal Tokaji

Oh, I am soooo happy right now! Oh, wait. This dinner was a gift for him, not for me. Right.

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Quick chicken in mango chutney sauce

First, get out your martini shaker. Pour the 5 ingredients into the shaker. Shake the shaker. Pour over chicken. Bake in oven. Done. Seriously! Is this the perfect Friday night meal for tired parents, or what? Serve with rice and cold beer and you´ll be happy chillin´ in front of the TV in no time!

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Great scallops in a garlic and thyme butter sauce

I made this as an appetizer for my husband´s 3 course 30th birthday dinner. Unbelievably flavorful and just great :). It´s amazing how easy and fast it is to make really good food when you use quality ingredients!

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Razzle-dazzle raspberry crumble pie

My friend and neighbor Astrid visited me today. She came bearing beautiful, big, fresh raspberries – fresh from the farmer´s market. She is a very good friend. Even though we ate a lot of them earlier today, I still had a few left over…

Hmmm, what to do, what to do…  How about a late summer dessert for two? Actually the recipe is for four, but four doesn´t rhyme with “do”.

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Focaccia to the people!

I have baked a few focaccias in my time. Can´t really brag about any of them though – not until I tried this recipe that is. It is easy and quite quick to make. Well, the actual work involved is quick – as with all yeast-based dough you can´t really rush the rising.

But here´s the real bonus: for everyone out there that hate getting your hands dirty and messy and sticky and yucky – I promise you can make this bread and not get more than ONE finger messy! How is that for breadbaking? Not too shabby, huh?

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