Soulfood and then some…

Finally (?) home and back to a somewhat normal state after a fabulous vacation in Florida, a stunning wedding in Leipzig and visits from great friends. I have gotten so used to having at least 7 persons around me at all times that I have some serious social withdrawal symptoms! I find myself calling, planning and booking every spare minute I have – quite mindlessly! Hard to find time for blogging in times like these. Blogging material, however, is bountiful! Stay tuned!

My husbands family whipped up THE most amazing BBQ I have ever experienced. I am talking the real deal: ribs – cooked slowly over a wood-fired grill, homemade BBQ sauce, chicken, sausages, baked beans, mac´n´cheese, collard greens, corn bread, potato salad, black-eyed peas, spicy blue crabs, spicy shrimp, spicy potatoes, corn on the cob…. pheew!

Where to fit it all?! Luckily this problem is not new in this family. Next to the food there were take-away boxes. How brilliant is that?! Gotta love it 😀 I was instructed to go make myself a plate (or two), and that´s exactly what I did. Do I have good manners or what?

The few pictures I/my husband/sister managed to take (too busy eating) don´t do it justice at all. And the food had to be covered since we were eating outside, which made it even harder to shoot some frames. But still, take a look and I am guessing your mouth will water in not too long…

One day I hope to be able to share with you my very own BBQ sauce… *dreams*

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