Avocado stuffed with Norway lobster

No, I swear to you I didn´t make up the name! Well, what the heck is a Norway lobster? In my county, Rogaland, we call it “rekekonge”, a shrimp king. But the rest of Norway calls it a “sjøkreps”, sea crayfish. In English it is called a “Norway lobster”, in French “Langoustine”… Whatever the name: They are delicious!!

Lets get to the food-part. I grew up on an island, and naturally enough there are quite a few fishermen there. So we have always had the luxury of fresh seafood. Shrimp and Norway lobsters we buy straight from the boats. Already cooked to perfection, in salty seawater. If you think that sounds weird, wait till you taste shrimp in Norway… Perfectly salted, tender and the word “chewy” never even crosses your mind. The weekend before last, I spent at my parents house, and my dad brought home some Norway lobsters. I immediately went to the store and bought avocados, sour creme, red chillies and lemon. And picked some parsley from my mom´s garden.

I don´t think measurements are all that important here, you have to taste it and add more sour creme if it is too spicy, chillies if too bland… you get the picture. I´ll write up approximately what I used, however – just don´t forget to taste before you serve! If you serve this as an appetizer you need a half avocado per person.

  • 6-7 Norway lobsters
  • 5 avocadoes
  • Sour creme (a couple of big dollops)
  • 2 red chillies
  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • Salt
  • Parsley for garnish


  • 6-7 rekekonger (sjøkreps)
  • 5 avocado
  • Rømme (2-3 store skjeer)
  • 2 røde chillier
  • Juice fra 1 sitron
  • Salt
  • Persille til pynt

First, start by getting your dad to prepare the lobsters. I believe it is done by removing the head, cutting a line down the center on the inside of the tail, remove the meat and don´t forget to remove the “string” that runs down the back of it. Coarsely chop the meat. Then half the avocados, remove the pit (I remove the pit by the “hack-and-twist” method: hack a big knife down on it, and twist! Now the pit is gone from the avocado, your new problem is that it is stuck on your knife. Now get another big knife, turn it and hit the pit with the dull side. Voila! Problem number two solved.), scrape out the meat, and KEEP the skins. We will need those later. Toss all the avocado-meat into a big bowl. Squeeze the lemon juice over it, and mash. The lemon helps the avocado to not turn brown, and tastes good of course 🙂 Cut the chillies the long way, scrape out the seeds and finely chop the chillies. Toss it in with the rest. Now add the sour creme and mash everything together with a potato masher (or a fork). At last, add the chopped Norway lobster (keep a little for garnish). Taste it and add a little salt and whatever is missing. I don´t like to add too much heat to this, as it kills the delicate flavor of the lobsters, but a little bite in the aftertaste is just right according to my palate!

Spoon the mixture back into the avocado shells and garnish with a little lobster meat and some parsley.

Serve as an appetizer or as a luxurious snack on the terrace on a warm summer evening… Does it get better than this?

My friend Jon (who knows a lot more about wine than I do) has graciously agreed to be my friend in need when it comes to picking wines to my food (and yes, I will feed him in return!).

Jon´s tip to this dish is a Mosel wine; Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg Riesling 07/08. It has enough freshness to match the fat in the avocado, and a little residual sugar to deal with the chilli. If you want to get a little fancy (and who doesn´t?!)  one could pick a champagne with a little dosage, for example Pol Roger Brut.


My mouth is watering here I sit, typing, under the Floridian sun, perfectly shaded by some palm trees… oh, did I forget to mention that I am in Florida? I am planning to taste some wonderful food while I am here by the way, all for you of course! 😉

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