Deviled eggs (with a kick)

Yay! First dish as a blogger has been cooked and documented! I made some deviled eggs for a little picnic with some friends. They (the eggs that is) have a little more kick than traditional deviled eggs, but nothing you can´t handle 🙂
  • 6 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 big dollop of mayonnaise (about 2 heaping TS)
  • 4-5 ts horseradish (aka “the kick”)
  • 1 ts mustard (dijon or other mustard will do too)
  • 1 small spring onion (white part chopped very fine for filling, green part chopped fine for garnish)
  • 5-6 ts pickle relish
  • 1 ts sea salt
  • about ½ ts fresh ground pepper
  • chili powder for garnish


  • 6 hardkokte egg
  • ca 2 toppa ss majones
  • 4-5 ts pepperrot-pure (jeg fant en i tube)
  • 1 ts sennep (dijon eller annen type)
  • 1 liten vårløk (den hvite delen hakkes veldig fint og has i fyllet, den grønne hakkes litt grovere og drysses over de ferdige eggene)
  • 5-6 ts agurkmix
  • 1 ts havsalt
  • ½ ts nykvernet pepper
  • chilipulver til pynt

Cook the eggs. I add them to hot tap water and put the pot on the burner, and set the timer for about 12 minutes. Cool the boiled eggs in cold water before you peel them. Cut the eggs in two the long way, and remove the yolks. Mix the yolks with the mayonnaise, horseradish, mustard, white half of the spring onion, pickle relish and salt and pepper. Easy peasy! Taste the mix and if necessary, add more of one or more of the ingredients, before you scoop the mixture back into the halved eggs. Garnish and serve!


12 thoughts on “Deviled eggs (with a kick)

  1. Du e gode Karen!! Detta blir knallbra. Hvis du vil prøva ut nogen oppskrifter på nogen, så bare gi beskjed 😉

  2. Karen, this looks so yummy!!! I love how you have pictures to illustrate the work involved:) I will definitely come here for ideas.

  3. hi karen,

    thanks for tagging me on your new food blog. i love eggs, and what a nice & easy dish to start your blogging journey. although i will remember that you steal leather menu books/cards… 😉 good thing i have not ordered yet for the cafe…hehehhe!!! lykke til med blogging. bare ha med som fan.. 🙂

  4. Karen,
    Love the pics, the write-up and the effort! Gonna follow you for inspiring ideas. And what a nice WP theme you’ve chosen 😉

  5. Oi, detta ska eg prøva, ser flott ut. Glede meg te masse gode oppskrifter, sånne sider kan eg lika!! 😀

  6. Ditte ser jo bare glimmers ut 🙂 har lagt de til på rss feed. Her skal e samle gode oppskrifter fra de. Og så Kristine sir. Vi e gjerne smakskaniner 🙂

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