Waffle iron toast

Almost all Norwegians I know own a waffle iron. Almost all Americans I know love a classic grilled cheese sandwich (especially the night/day after a good party). Let´s combine these two random trivia and eat! Well, first cook, then eat!

The fact that I was at a good friends´ bachelorette-party last night may, or may not, have something to do with this post…

These toasts have a few things going for them: you can use any bread you have laying around, even if it’s a little dry. It makes a miniscule dent in a poor student’s wallet. And you can go plain and just use cheese or you can jazz it up a bit according to your fridge content!

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Chicken tortilla soup

I think I´ve died and gone to soup-heaven. Oh my my my…

I once taste chicken tortilla soup at one of my friends house in the US, her mom had made it. That´s an experience I never forgot! I have been reading different soup recipes ever since, and tried to make chicken tortilla soup a few times. This is by far the best attempt, I also like that this is based on condensed store-bought stock, so it doesn´t call for hours and hours of cooking. It is easy, I swear!

I am begging you — please make this soup!

Easy-peasy vanilla cake

I didn´t really make this for the blog – I just wanted cake 😀

But, seriously, this cake is so easy and quick to make, and it is so good! Moist and flavorful! And lots of potential if you want to be creative with it.

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Pizza de La Gondola

When I was little and we lived in Stavanger we used to go eat pizza at this restaurant called La Gondola. I have some good childhood memories from this… at least my taste buds do. We always ordered their trademark pizza when we ate there: a calzone with bernaise sauce, steak, bell peppers and mushrooms! Let me just say it and get it over with: YUM! When we moved from Stavanger, my dad brought a piece of La Gondola with us – he started making the steak/bernaise pizza at home, and we never stopped enjoying the pizza. “Our” secret pizza-recipe will hereby be revealed…!

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Risotto: YOUR way

We made a mushroom risotto as a side dish to go with the stuffed chicken breasts that I posted last weekend, but this is a very basic risotto recipe that can be used both as a side dish or as a main course. Risotto is just great that way, and you don´t need to make any gravy if you have risotto! If you don´t care too much about mushrooms, you can add whatever you want, or happen to have in your fridge! For example asparges, sugar snap peas, bacon, mussels, clams, green peas (petit pois), chorizo, rocket salad, chicken, shrimp, green beans, parma/serrano ham or other types of cured meats……. Let your creativity (or fridge) decide!

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Chicken breasts stuffed with basil and sundried tomato cream, served with mushroom risotto

I just gotta start off by saying that if you are trying to impress a date (a date that likes food, that is) on a Saturday night, then cook this! I guarantee she or he will love it! And it takes just enough time to show you care… 🙂

I have two sisters. I am the oldest, and I have always loved to cook. Maria is seven years younger than me and she claims that she also would love to cook, had it not been for me. You see, I cooked and I made her do all the boring stuff like doing the dishes. Ingrid is fourteen years younger than me, and I had moved out by the time she was old enough to cook (and do dishes), so she still enjoys to cook. This dinner was cooked together with Ingrid and she got to decide what to cook (oh, and yup! I made her do dishes!). I think Maria is slowly, but surely recovering from Karen´s kitchen, though…

Let´s get to our task at hand, shall we?

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BBQ chicken with wild rice and sugar-roasted walnut salad

What to do with left-over BBQ chicken…? We had some beautiful weather in Stavanger this weekend, so we just had to BBQ yesterday. As always, we ended up making too much food, so I had 4 good pieces of charcoal-grilled BBQ chicken on my hands today. What to do, what to do… After rummaging through my fridge and cupboards, I had some romaine lettuce, rocket salad, wild rice and walnuts laying on my counter.

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